Joanna knows everything about mysteries, treasures and deposits hidden during The Second World War. She has been tracking lost artefacts, and takes part in explorations. She is an author of several books about secrets of the past. Her Gold Train. A Short History of Madness and an Empire of Small Hells. The Dark Secrets of Gross Rosen Camp became bestsellers.

Joanna Lamparska, a journalist, traveller and explorer has degrees of Classical Philology and Forensic Archaeology. Her education helps her in her exploration work. Joanna knows all the secrets of every palace and every castle. She explored European undergrounds for Burda National Geographic and described the research in her book: Cities upside down.European undergrounds and their mysteries. Joanna was born and lives in Lower Silesia – the mysterious part of Poland with famous Nazi Riese underground complex. One may say she has the exploring passion in her blood.

Joanna is also Director of The Lower Silesian Festival of Mysteries . It is one of the biggest gatherings of explorers, archaeologists and history lovers in Poland. Joanna works on regular basis with various TV productions. She explained the story of The Gold Train which was supposed to carry several tons of gold and lost by the end of The Second World War in various channels including History Channel, BBC, CBS and National Geographic Channel. She collaborated with many professionals including Dan Snow from BBC, Mike Scott (History Channel) and Conor Woodman (Channel 4 and History Channel Canada).

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Dark secrets of the Gross-Rosen concentration camp

Mengele, medical experiments and secrets of the most frightening death camp

Spring 1945. The Third Reich is in its death throes. Escaping from KL Auschwitz Joseph Mengele, the German Angel of Death, is wandering along the current Polish-Czech border and carrying out selections in the camps for women belonging to the KL Gross-Rosen.
Finally he reaches Sieniawka, a small town located in German Lower Silesia. Sieniawka is also one of the sub-camps of the Gross-Rosen, a monstrous death machine consisting of one hundred similar places scattered throughout present Poland and the Czech Republic. Here, the Nazi Germans carry out mass extermination and unhuman medical experiments and exploit prisoners as slaves. This hell on Earth is the empire of small hells.

Summer 2018. Joanna Lamparska finds the trail of a mysterious medical laboratory from World War II and begins an investigation. Long, dark tunnels, laboratory tables, forgotten notes and frayed relationships lead to a terrifying mystery that gives more questions than answers. What purpose did the macabre laboratories in the Sieniawka camp serve? Did the Nazis want to create technology to tip the scales of victory in the complex of underground installations?
What treasures are hidden in the camp basement? What else does the largest and the most frightening Nazi German camp hide?

Mysterious medical laboratory from the World War II
Jumo 004 jet engines assembly hall
Sieniawka complex seen from above